About us

About Us

The Nauras Towers

Nauras is a world class upcoming development in Mombasa North Coast, based in the Nyali Area. The towers are built facing the beautiful mombasa beach. The construction period is set to last three years, whereas the two blocks in front towards the sea will be developed first and the third at a later time.

The Nauras Towers are just a 30-40 minutes drive from the Mombasa CBD district, and less than 1KM away from the nyali leisure belt. This makes the location extremely convient as most necessities are close by, giving you easy access to top schools, hospitals, entertainment spots and other amenities.

Meet The Team

Architects & Project Managers:

Symbion Mombasa Ltd

Quantity Surveyors:

Mwashinga 7 Associates

Structural Enineers:

Metrix Integrated Consultancy Ltd

Service Engineers:

Gamma Delta Eastern Africa

Main Contractor:

Shyam General Merchants


Balala & Abed Advocates


The towers will be ready 3 years from July 2020

Yes, since the 1st of July 2020.

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